Satellite Moves

The FCC granted SES Americom permission to drift the AMC-2 satellite from 85 degrees West Longitude (WL) to 105 degrees WL and to operate it at this location on a temporary, non-harmful interference basis. The FCC also allowed use of AMC-2 at 105 degrees for direct-to-home services. SES Americom is currently transferring traffic from AMC-2 at 85 degrees to the new AMC-9 satellite at the same location. SES Americom is now using GSTAR 4 for Ku-band operations at 105 degrees and plans to replace it with AMC-15, a Ku and Ka band hybrid satellite, in late 2004. AMC-2 will provide better coverage than GSTAR 4 until AMC-15 is in place. More information is available in the FCC Order.

The FCC International Bureau Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing Report listed several modification applications filed by DirecTV. One application was for permission to launch a new DBS satellite, DIRECTV 7S and collocate the satellite with DIRECTV 5 at 119 degrees West Longitude (WL). DIRECTV 7S would be used for local broadcast programming. It also filed an application to reflect the relocation of DIRECTV 6 to 110 degrees and the relocation of DIRECTV 1 to 101 degrees. These two moves are more complex from a legal basis. Refer to the Report (above) for details on the proceeding.