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Roku Claims Comcast Demanding ‘Unreasonable’ Peacock Terms

(Image credit: Roku)

LOS GATOS, Calif.—Comcast NBCUniversal is trying to flex its muscles, according to Roku, which claims that NBCU is demanding that Roku carry the Peacock streaming service at what it describes as “unreasonable” terms or risk losing other NBCU TV Everywhere apps.

This comes from an email that Roku sent to customers explaining the dispute and how they can still access NBCU programming, acquired by TVT’s sister publication B+C.

NBCU, however, released a statement blaming Roku and slapping the “unreasonable” claim on them.

“We are disappointed Roku is removing its users’ access to NBCUniversal programming … and continues to block access the only [sic] free premium streaming service available in the market, Peacock,” NBCU said.

According to B+C, sources familiar with the situation said that a deal was close last week, NBCU says that Roku sought additional conditions.

If the dispute continues, B+C reports that Comcast plans to revoke consumers’ access to NBC TV Everywhere apps as soon as Friday, while Roku users could impose a blackout by Saturday, meaning the loss of access to NBC Sports content this weekend that includes Sunday Night Football, U.S. Open golf and the Stanley Cup Final.

For more information, visit TVT’s sister publication B+C (opens in new tab).