Remote Broadcast Ops Now Needed for Broadcasters, Zixi Finds

(Image credit: Zixi)

WALTHAM, Mass.—More than half of the executives from 80 leading media industry companies attending a webinar on remote monitoring and broadcast operations this week believe they will need a permanent ability to live stream with broadcast quality from remote locations, such as homes.

The poll, taken during a Zixi-sponsored webinar titled “Pivoting to Remote Monitoring and Broadcast Operations,” comes at a time when media operations, especially those in New York City, have been grappling with how to keep workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It found 53% of the executives believe current statewide shutdowns will last for another two months, while 16% say the shutdowns will last more than six months. Two-thirds said they believe the crisis and its impact on operations is not a one-time event.

More than 80% said their media organizations need a permanent remote workforce capability to address future outbreaks of the coronavirus crisis or other possible future incidents, according to the poll.

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In its release of the findings, Zixi, which specializes in technology to enable live broadcast-quality video over IP connections, also announced it was offering new and current customers complimentary use of its cloud-based Zen Master video control plane for three months. Using the control plane will allow media personnel working remotely to provision, orchestrate, monitor and manage live video streams.

“While an abundance of Zixi’s customers have virtualized their workflows and have been able to reduce onsite employees as much as 80%, many media organizations have not and are now scrambling.” said Gordon Brooks, executive chairman and CEO, Zixi. “The number of companies that have broken the glass on what were long range plans is keeping us very busy and we hope making a difference.”

More information is available on the Zixi website

Phil Kurz

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