Qualcomm's Grajski at ABU Keynote: Mobile Broadcasting More Than Just TV

Look beyond mobile TV.

That's the word from an engineering executive at Qualcomm who also heads the FLO Forum, speaking to international broadcasters.

Kamil Grajski spoke at a broadcast symposium in Kuala Lumpur organized by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). He told attendees in his keynote that mobile broadcasting enables new types of services including commerce, e-learning and public safety and alerts.

He said broadcasters should seek low-cost methods to deliver information tailor-made for mobile devices.

"Consumers want a compelling user experience at affordable prices. Short videos, for example, illustrate features and reactions of real-world consumers to a real-world mobile broadcast service. So the content has to be purpose-built for mobile."

He also called for manufacturers to produce "technology-neutral" devices to boost mobile broadcasting and called for more spectrum coordination. "This is necessary to drive down handset prices to make them more affordable for consumers."

The ABU symposium had the theme "Progression to Digital and Mobile Services." Some 300 people attended.