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Qualcomm Gets Nod for MediaFLO Chicago Channel 55 Service

The FCC last week approved Qualcomm's request to modify its Chicago authorization, based on a consent agreement between Qualcomm and GOCOM, licensee of WRSP-TV, analog Channel 55 in Springfield, Ill. Under the agreement, GOCOM agreed to accept potential interference to 5.48 percent of the population in WRSP-TV's Grade B contour from Qualcomm's operations in Indianapolis, Chicago and St. Louis.

The commission said Qualcomm could use multiple sites in Chicago. The letter also references agreements with other stations in the region, including WYIN-TV, Channel 46 in Gary, Ind., WFFT-TV, Channel 55 in Fort Wayne, Ind. and WPXE-TV, Channel 55 in Kenosha, Wis.

In granting Qualcomm's request, the FCC cited the same benefits it listed in previous grants, noting that Qualcomm's MediaFLO service will carry local programming and core public interest program content such as breaking news, weather and public affairs, and will be able to disseminate emergency alert information.