Pinnacle Introduces USB ATSC Tuner Stick

Over the past 18 months several companies have introduced USB ATSC receivers. The first units were relatively small external boxes. Recently even smaller USB ATSC tuners the size of large USB thumb drives have entered the market, as noted in previous issues of RF Report. However, the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick is the first tuner I've seen from an established PC tuner manufacturer with widespread retail presence.

The PCTV HD Pro Stick information on Pinnacle's Web site did not mention what chip set it was using, although unlike the ARTEC T14 it does receive both analog NTSC and digital ATSC broadcasts. Price is $129, compared with $99 for the FujiPlus USB stick tuner and the $149 DVICO FusionHDTV5 USB Gold that have similar features.