OConnor Debuts Camera and Lens Accessories at NAB Show

BURBANK, CALIF.—OConnor will introduce additions to their range of top quality camera/lens accessories, in addition to fluid head and tripod systems featuring the 1030D and 1030Ds, which enable seamless transitions from heavier to lighter payload camera setups.

Universal Rings for O-Box WM Creates Deluxe Package
The new O-Box WM Mattebox Deluxe Package introduces a new level of out of the box functionality with OConnor’s innovative Universal Rings. The new Universal Rings are made of a seamless, high-tech material so a single ring can now flex over a variety of lens diameters from 150mm to 55mm. Adding these new-concept rings to the popular, lightweight, 2-stage mattebox creates a versatile package for a range of lenses.

Camera Accessories Matched for Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Versatility enables each of the OConnor accessories to line up and interface seamlessly with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera right out of the box.

Support and Lens Accessories for Sony F5/F55
OConnor provides support and lens accessories for Sony’s F5 and F55 cameras. Outfitted with a prime lens and viewfinder, the cameras are in the weight range for OConnor’s 1030D and 1030Ds fluid heads. Built-up with large zoom lenses and cine accessories, such as the OConnor CFF-l Follow Focus, the 2575D works well.

For 15mm LWS cine setups, in order to mount standard accessories available to the F5 and F55 cameras, use OConnor’s Universal Baseplate. OConnor offers the O-Focus Dual Mini, a compact, double-sided direct drive follow focus system with a Cine Set configuration that utilizes the CFF-1 Studio Handwheel for smaller setups. For light control for compact setups, OConnor’s O-Box WM 2-stage mattebox has with integrated handgrip interfaces, and for handheld work, users can add the O-Grip handles.

OConnor will be at NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 8-11, booth C6425.