NVerzion Aids Peoria TV’s HD Transition

SALT LAKE CITY—Peoria TV has made the transition to a file-based, HD workflow with the help from NVerzion and its automation and video server systems. NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions platform and CloudNine cloud-based video server was installed by Peoria TV, a government access channel run by the City of Peoria, Ariz. The two systems are able to streamline tasks for the station, such as recording, HD upconversion, scheduling, playback, and data transfers.

In preparation of migrating to an all-HD workflow, Peoria TV copied its SD files to the CloudNine server, upconverting the files to 1080i. With the video server, the station can also simultaneously record and play out new audio and video content, as well as legacy content, without worrying about file format compatibilities.

The CLASS system is built on an open architecture that allows Peoria TV to control third-party equipment. The automation system helps guarantee the station’s on-air presentation by eliminating any single point of failure with the broadcaster’s file-based workflow. CLASS’ scalability allows it to add more features in the future.

NVerzion is a provider of digital broadcast automation tools that streamline workflows from acquisition to distribution and playout of content.