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NOAA Upgrades Oklahoma Radar Facility

The U.S. National Weather Service’s Baron Services NEXRAD weather radar installation in Norman, Okla. has just received the first of several planned upgrades. The mods are being handled by Baron, in partnership with L-3 Enterprise Solutions (EITS).

“Not only will this installation demonstrate successful proof of design, but also, it is a prime example of the strategic partnerships Baron Services has created with the National Weather Service and our teammate L-3 Enterprise IT Solutions,” said Bob Baron, president and CEO of Baron Services. “Though the installation is a huge accomplishment, we understand the greater magnitude of this project, and the team is focused on meeting our customer’s requirements.”

Baron/EITS was awarded a five-year contract in 2007 for the work and is handling the design, development and production of upgrades to 171 National Weather Service and Department of Defense NEXRAD radar installations.

When completed, the modifications are expected to greatly improve forecasting of flash floods and other critical weather-related events.