New USB Tuners Combine Small Size and Price

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, several manufacturers were showing compact, but somewhat larger than "thumb-size" USB tuners for the DVB-T terrestrial DTV standard. Many of these manufacturers said they were working on USB tuners for the U.S. ATSC standard. These tuners are now becoming available. While I didn't see any ATSC USB tuners (thumb sized or larger) at Best Buy or Circuit City when I checked last month, at least two nearly thumb sized ATSC USB tuners are available on the Web.

These tuners are the Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV tuner, which sells for only $89.99 after an instant rebate at; and the Fujiplus FD-USB728 USB 2.0 Interface USB HDTV ATSC/NTSC TV tuner, selling for $99.99 at The Artec tuner, which only receives ATSC broadcasts, apparently uses the LG DT3303 demodulator, according to The Fujiplus tuner receives NTSC and 256QAM (unencrypted digital cable) signals as well as ATSC broadcasts.

If any readers have had a chance to test the Artec or Fujiplus receivers, I'd appreciate hearing how they work, especially as compared with the other ATSC USB tuners now available.