New tower going up in Manhattan

An architectural rendering of the completed 385-foot tower atop 4 Times Square. (Photo Courtesy of ERI, Electronics Research Inc.)

Nearly two years after the September 11 World Trade Center attack, New York City broadcasters are slowly getting their digital signals back on the air. Due to the lack of available space elsewhere, most stations have opted to broadcast from the Empire State Building at reduced power and are supplementing coverage with “translator” sites in New Jersey. However, some are also opting for a secondary site at 4 Times Square in Manhattan, now that a new 358-foot tower is being built at 4 Times Square.

The company just signed a new lease agreement with Univision Communications to install antennas and transmission lines for four of Univision’s Spanish-language TV stations, including WXTV-DT and three Telefutura stations.

Over the next several months, Durst, which owns property at 4 Times Square--where eight analog antennas for FM radio broadcasters have been located for many years on a 132-foot tower—will install a series of five “master antenna systems” and transmission lines.

Over the next several months, Durst will install a series of five “master antenna systems” and transmission lines at 4 Times Square.(Photo Courtesy of John Lyons.)

The structure will have the capacity to support some or all of the six major TV networks’ stations (covering channels 2-68), as well as the eight existing radio stations. The radio antennas have already been designed.

The mezzanine level is being renovated to make room for the transmitters. Additional reinforcing of the rooftop to accommodate the additional weight of the antennas and the extra tower height is also underway.

Although interference between stations co-located there should not be a problem, the engineers won’t really know until Univision’s stations are on the air.

The first deliveries of UHF antennas, scheduled for August 2003, will include three master panel antennas, capable of accommodating both NTSC and DTV broadcasts from channels 7 through 61.

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