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New Search Interface for FCC ULS

The FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau introduced a new Universal Licensing System online search interface. "The new ULS Application Search provides enhanced system performance, more search options, better control of search criteria, increased accessibility in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended, and compatibility with most major Web browsers and operating systems," according to the FCC News Release.

One useful feature is the ability to do site-based searches for applications or licenses using the site's antenna structure registration (ASR) number. Market-based searches are also available. If you enter a broad search term, beware as the FCC has removed its limit on the number of records returned. The limit used to be set at 3,000 records. It is also possible to view all frequencies associated with a given location and to filter frequencies by locations. In addition to latitude and longitude, geographic searches can specify locations by state and county or by street address, city, state or zip code. A version of each result page formatted for printing is available. Remember, however, that the information returned will only be as accurate as the information in the FCC database.

The FCC warned users that the search URLs have changed and older search URLs are no longer available. If you've bookmarked the search pages, you will need to update them.

More information is available in the FCC Public Notice.