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New Address for Arecibo Observatory Radio Facility Coordination Notifications

Applicants proposing new or modified transmission facilities in various communications services on the islands of Puerto Rico, Desecheo, Mona, Vieques, and Culebra in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are required to provide notification of their proposed operations to the radio astronomy observatory at Arecibo. On March 4, 2005, Counsel of Cornell University, which operates the Arecibo Observatory, informed the FCC that the postal address for the Observatory had changed and the Post Office is no longer forwarding mail sent to the address listed in the FCC rules.

Last week the FCC adopted and released an Order changing the Arecibo Observatory address in Sections 1.924(d), 23.20(f), 25.203(i), 73.1030(a)(2), 74.24(j)1, 78.19(c)(2), 95.192(d), 95.206(c), 95.405(d), 95.1003(c), 95.1303(c), and 97.205b) to the new address. The new address is: Interference Office, Arecibo Observatory, HC3 Box 53995, Arecibo, PR 00612. Information can also be transmitted electronically to