NDS Demos Live WiMax Pay-TV at IBC

As the search continues for new ways to deliver TV programming to consumers for a fee, add a new one -- WiMax. WiMax is high speed Internet access similar to WiFi, but using power levels that allow much greater coverage with fewer base stations. At IBC this year, NDS partnered with Intel and Viasat Broadcasting to demonstrate the feasibility of delivering pay-TV via WiMax.

The WiMax TV solution being shown by NDS will allow content to be delivered over WiMax to personal electronic devices such as notebook computers. It includes content security, support for multiple business models, an electronic program guide and a user interface.

For the demonstration, a Grass Valley Argos advanced real-time H.264 MPEG-4 encoder was used to encode the content, after which was delivered through the NDS WiMax TV system to an Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology based notebook PC.

NDS said the demonstration elements included:

• Live TV signal from Viasat arriving over satellite to the NDS stand and encoded in H.264 by Grass Valley.
• Live video signal delivered over WiMax to an Intel Centrino Duo notebook over IEEE 802.16-2004 and 802.11.
• Launching of a TV client, browsing of an EPG, and changing channels on both a notebook PC and a handheld device, using an NDS VideoGuard Key connected to the system's USB port to activate and terminate the service.
• Business models and DRM features, including pay-per-view.

Anders Huge, director of Intel's Wireless Competence Center, said, "Our co-operation with NDS for testing WiMax TV demonstrates the range of services which could be available over WiMax including data, voice and now video in the form of pay-TV services. The combination of NDS WiMax TV and Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology based notebooks will allow new business models for WiMax service providers and great experience for consumers on the go."