NAGRA: Building COVID-19 Responses for Pay-TV Operators, Telcos

(Image credit: NAGRA)

PHOENIX—Even while content providers, pay-TV operators and telcos grapple daily with the consequences of COVID-19, they must find a way to build responses that address staffing, call center management, customers with overdue bills and a host of other critical issues—all while flying blind because of the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, according to a white paper released today by NAGRA Kudelski.

The paper, “Shaping Post-COVID Resilience for the Premium Content, Pay-TV and Telco Businesses,” draws on information gleaned from customers of NAGRA Insight, the company’s software-as-a-service platform leveraging big data and AI to identify the individual behavior of TV viewers.   

Decision-making in this environment is difficult because the COVID pandemic has “no previous reference” with which to compare and make decisions against, says the white paper.

“The only solution is to build a new reference on the fly and extrapolate from it, or move forward by trial and error, and adapt strategies along the way,” it says.

The 14-page document advises readers to “go back to basics” by following three rules when staging a recovery for the business consequences of the virus, including using “up-to-date, real-time data,”  “adopting an industry-specific response” and updating and adapting more frequently.

It counsels businesses to identify which of three phases—stabilize, back to work or grow—they are in and use the correct response for each. It chronicles the four main challenges businesses must address during each phase, including how decisions are made, how businesses work, how they engage customers and how they drive and accelerate transformation.

The paper also offers a discussion of how NAGRA Insight can help businesses overcome these challenges by assisting them in building decision-making scenarios, acquiring personalized recommendations on a per-subscriber basis, accessing relevant data and monitoring the effect of initiatives.

It concludes with examples of how major operators around the world have benefited by using the NAGRA Insight solution.

To download a copy of the white paper, visit the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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