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MPEG LA issues call for VC-9 patents

MPEG LA has issued a call for those who believe they have essential patents to the VC-9 video codec, the technology behind Microsoft's Windows Media 9 Series compression. The call is the first step in assembling a group of patent holders for consideration of terms of a joint license.

VC-9 refers to a proposed SMPTE standard for compressing video for television. The VC-9 specification was prepared for the primary purpose of documenting the bitstream format and decoding process used in the VC-9 video codec. It defines the bitstream syntax, semantics and constraints for compressed video bitstreams and describes the complete process required to decode them.

Those who believe they have patents related to VC-9 are encouraged to submit their patent for an evaluation of essentiality by MPEG LA's patent experts. Initial submissions are requested as soon as possible. Those who are interested may request a copy of the terms and procedures governing patent submissions by going to, "Licenses in Development," then "VC-9."

MPEG LA pioneered the concept of one-stop technology platform licensing with a portfolio of essential patents for the international digital video compression standard known as MPEG-2. One-stop technology platform licensing enables widespread technological implementation, interoperability and use of fundamental broad-based technologies covered by many patents owned by many patent holders.

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