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Mobile DTV Receivers Offered for Sale

The first wave of ATSC Mobile DTV receivers is now available for purchase.

The DTV Interactive Storm USB tuner is now being sold on Amazon under the Coby name for $74.43. Other retailers are offering them for less than $70.

If you want a complete receiver, the LG DP570MH is now available on Amazon, and also from a few other retailers. Prices are not shown on the lists, but are in the $200 range.

From the reports I've heard, this unit works quite well, once you find where the retractable antenna is stowed. Deborah McAdams described this in LG's Becomes First Mobile DTV Receiver on the Market earlier this week in Television Broadcast.

If you include in-car entertainment tuners, then neither of these two units were the first ATSC Mobile DTV receivers on the market. I remember seeing ATSC-MH tuners for in-car video reception being sold on Amazon some months ago.

Television stations WTVJ and WSCV in Miami are using them for monitoring their ATSC-MH streams. The video/audio outputs make them easy to tie into existing monitor setups or house antenna systems. I've seen in-car receivers sold under different names, but the leading brand now appears to be Power Acoustik.

The Consumer Electronics Association has a Mobile TV Guide that's continuously updated with lists of stations broadcasting mobile streams and the products available to receive them.

Check back for updates, as some the stations in the list shown as "Services Planned" are now on the air; some full-time and others are just operating part-time for testing. The product spreadsheet shows the SKE Mobile DTV Tuner for Automobile shipping in January 2010. It also lists the DTV Interactive USB tuner, the LG DVD player/mobile receiver described earlier, a Pixtree DVD Player and ATSC-MH receiver, and the Tivizen Mobile DTV Wi-Fi adapter from Valups. This product allows reception of mobile DTV on Wi-Fi equipped smartphones and tablets. Broadcasters have been able to buy limited quantities of Tivizens direct from Valups for testing and the device should be made available to the public soon.

Look for more ATSC-MH receivers to start appearing soon-- smaller hand-held receivers, netbooks, small portables, and, as previously described, some Internet tablets with built-in ATSC MH tuners.

Doug Lung is one of America's foremost authorities on broadcast RF technology. He has been with NBC since 1985 and is currently vice president of broadcast technology for NBC/Telemundo stations.