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Michael Degitz discusses 2GHz BAS relocation status

Sprint Nextel, the conductor of an elaborate symphony of players that ranges from broadcasters to lawyers and RF vendors to tower crews, asked the FCC last month to delay the deadline for the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Relocation project until next February.

In response, the commission extended the deadline until April 19 and announced it would seek public comment on the company’s request to move back the deadline to Feb. 10, 2010.

The relocation project has proven far more complicated and time-consuming than first anticipated. Questions over the tax ramifications of the project, weather conditions, environmental hazards and even the delay of the digital television transition to June have all contributed to the need to push back the deadline for completing the BAS relocation.

Michael Degitz, VP of spectrum at Sprint Nextel, spoke with “ENG Update” in the days between requesting the FCC delay and the commission taking its action. During the discussion, Degitz spoke about the challenges and what it will take to complete the relocation project.