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Man Charged With Stealing C-SPAN Gear During Capitol Riot

Capitol Riots
(Image credit: Department of Justice)

WASHINGTON—As federal prosecutors continue to levy charges against those that participated in the Capitol Riots on Jan. 6, one man has also been charged for stealing C-SPAN equipment during the riots inside the Capitol.

CNN reports that Eric Gene Barber of West Virginia has been federally charged with entering restricted buildings, unlawful activity and theft.

Investigators were able to identify Barber through surveillance camera footage from inside the Capitol Rotunda, in which he was said to have stopped at a C-SPAN media station and rifled through equipment, according to an affidavit from the FBI, ultimately “appearing to unplug something and take it with him.”

The C-SPAN field technician that was using the station in question said that when he returned after being evacuated, a foldable stool and an iPad power station were missing.

A C-SPAN spokesperson confirmed to CNN that two employees had equipment stolen during the riot, but gave no further comment.

The full story is available on CNN’s website (opens in new tab)