KYTX builds with FastBreak automation

CBS Affiliate KYTX-TV, in Tyler, TX, is now on the air with a new facility that leverages a full suite of Sundance Digital products to convert manual tasks into a completely automated process. The station is on the air at full power and is broadcasting high-definition programs during some of its daily schedule.

KYTX will install a Sundance Digital FastBreak automation system with two air stations. FastBreak automation is a scaleable and frame-accurate controller of video servers and other station peripherals. The configuration at KYTX, which will control a SeaChange International broadcast server, includes Intelli-Sat broadcast record manager, which automates the feed-recording process. Intelli-Sat offers accurate device control, along with resource management to schedule and capture incoming network content.

Rounding out the system is Sundance ListSync, a specially configured Air Station that provides real-time playlist redundancy, as well as News Recorder and ProgramView LoRes proxy browsing.

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