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KGW-TV Launches with Sundance Automation

Belo Television Group's NBC affiliate in Portland, Ore., KGW-TV, recently initiated operations with a six-channel Sundance Digital Titan automation system.

The event also marked start-up of the station's Thomson Grass Valley K-2 video file server. KGW's K-2 installation is the first within the Belo group of stations and will provide both SD and HD capability for that operation.

"Our goal is to put an infrastructure in place that will grow with us and serve our needs both now and into the future," said Reed Wilson, Belo technology manager for broadcast media. "We have actually standardized on Titan automation for all our stations, some of which central cast and others run individual systems."

Two Grass Valley K-2 servers were installed at KGW to provide six channels of video recording and playout with full redundancy. The Sundance Digital Titan package included functionality for automatically capturing and re-purposing live news programming, multiple prep and control stations and low resolution content browsing.

KGW uses the K-2 servers for the station's analog and digital television channels, as well as a DTV sub-channel devoted to weather information.