Jamie Foxx calls HHB FlashMic his secret weapon

Jamie Foxx, Academy Award-winning actor, American Music Award-winning and Grammy-nominated musician and stand-up comedian, used a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to reveal his use of the HHB FlashMic to capture content for his new SIRIUS Satellite Radio show, “The Foxxhole.”

Foxx is on-air host, contributor and executive producer of a satellite radio station's 24/7 comedy, entertainment and lifestyle program. The urban-themed show features routines from a variety of comedians, guest appearances by Foxx's friends from the worlds of entertainment and sports, and, on Foxx's segment of the weekly show, skits and interviews recorded on the run by the comedian on his HHB FlashMic.

During his Leno appearance, Foxx actually pulled out his FlashMic to explain how he spontaneously captures material for his show. "I can take this mic, record whatever I want and then pop it right on the radio. It's my secret weapon," he said.

An improvisational comedian, Foxx reportedly carries a FlashMic wherever he goes to record ideas for original skits and comedy bits, conversations with his entertainment industry friends or anything interesting to add to his unpredictable radio show. HHB's FlashMic offers more than 18 hours of recording onto a 1GB internal flash memory, allowing Foxx to amass plenty of material.

For more information, visit www.hhb.co.uk/flashmic.