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Investigations Begin in Tower Collapse

FORDLAND, MO.—The Occupational and Safety Hazard Agency says it will examine the cause of the tower collapse in Fordland, Mo. yesterday that took the life of a 56-year old owner of a Washington-state tower company, according to

Steve J. Lemay was identified as the victim in the accident, which also injured three other crew members. Lemay had 25 years of experience and formed Steve Lemay LLC in 2013.  

 The tower hosted Ozarks Public Television 's KOZK-TV, a PBS affiliate owned by Missouri State University.

OSHA said it would investigate what caused the accident and if workers were complying with OSHA standards. The agency said workers had climbed approximately 100 feet up the nearly 2,000 foot tall tower when it collapsed.   

According to Ozarks Public Radio station KSMU, the Webster County Sheriff’s Office is also conducting an investigation and that other stations in the region are assisting in getting the station back on the air.