Impact of Wind Turbines on TV Reception, Part 2

In last week's RF Report I described concerns that wind turbines in Dundee, England would disrupt TV reception and asked if any readers had experience with wind turbine interference. Dennis Wallace, who you may recognize as the engineer who conducted many of the formal DTV fields tests done in the last seven years (or more), responded that his firm, Wallace and Associates, had been involved in several projects involving wind turbines in the U.S., working for both the power companies and TV stations to perform field measurements before and after turbine installation.

Dennis explained, "We have seen several projects where the turbines yielded no effect whatsoever; on the other hand we are involved in a project right now to resolve some interference issues where the turbines are exactly in the RF path and causing an issue. So, the bottom line for the turbine folks has been that they need to add RF impact studies to their due diligence process. The State of Minnesota Dept. of Environment is now requiring proposed turbine farms to perform RF due diligence as a part of their applications for permits. Most of the wind farm developers are now doing this voluntarily as a means to ensure that they don't have upset neighbors."

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