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IBC2008 briefing to explore mobile TV business models

Mobile TV services are rolling out around the world, many with unique business models fueling the debate over which ultimately will succeed.

Those attending IBC2008 will have the chance to hear from three of the major players in mobile TV and learn their unique perspective on the business models they are employing to take this nascent service to maturity.

During the “Mobile TV Business Models” briefing, Sunday, Sept. 14, Mark Watkins, director of sales and business development for National Grid Wireless; Nicholas Chevalier, head of product marketing of mobile TV for Nagravision-Kudelski; and Chem Assayag, head of business development, EMEA, for QUALCOMM MediaFLO Technologies, France; will share their unique perspectives.

Watkins will explore spectrum use options following the transition to digital broadcasting. Chevalier will discuss the most promising business models and look at the deployment of complementary 3G streaming and broadcast mobile TV approaches. Assayag will discuss how broadcasters can partner with wireless and multichannel operators to supplement revenue.