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HDTVs to be in 106 million homes worldwide by 2010, says report

Worldwide 28.6 million HDTV sets will be in viewers’ homes by year’s end and that number will reach more than 106 million by 2010, according to a new report from Informa Telecoms & Media.

While millions of HD sets are in use, only about a third are being used to watch HDTV programming. According to the report, entitled “HDTV,” about 9.8 million have the necessary set-top box or built-in HD tuner to allow viewers to receive HD programming. Informa projects that figure will grow to 75 percent by 2010 when 80 million homes will be able to receive high-definition programming.

The Informa report projects the top five global HD countries by sets in homes as follows:

Country200420052010 United States 11,353 ,000 16,488 ,000 48,262,000 Japan 5,604,000 7,627,000 19,938,000 China 509,000 1,203,000 10,034,000 Germany 60,000 174,000 5,338,000 Canada 1,650,000 2,164,000 4,289,000

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