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Google’s Page says white space tests were rigged

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, on Sept. 24 told lawmakers that the testing of white space prototype devices to determine whether they caused harmful interference had been “rigged deliberately,” according to a report on “The Washington Post’s” Web site Sept. 24.

According to the report, Page was referring to the FCC’s recent testing of white space devices at FedEx Field. This test, as reported by Broadcast Engineering, was conducted to learn how well the prototype devices did in identifying the presence of wireless microphones.

A spokesman for the company told the newspaper the test was rigged because the frequencies used were the same as those used by broadcasters for their over-the-air transmission. That, in effect, hid the wireless mics in TV spectrum so the prototype devices couldn’t locate them, the report said quoting the spokesman.

The spokesman did not address the fact that wireless mics used for broadcast and stage production are licensed to operate in TV spectrum. The test at FedEx Field Aug. 9 and another three days later at the Majestic Theater in New York City were conducted by the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology. They were open to interested parties for observation.