Google's Android Eyes HD Support

Apparently it's not enough to dominate the lucrative world of online search engines, or create its own operating system for PCs and smart-phones (Android). Now Google is looking to extend Android's reach to include HD video with a little help from MIPS Technologies.

Since it first debuted on T-Mobile cellular, operating systems like Android have been expanding into other devices such as HD sets, video disc players and laptops, with kitchen appliances like refrigerators, stoves and toasters likely on the near horizon.

MIPS Technologies said it's currently working on developing extensions for Android to eventually support HD video displays to be ported to set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, HD panels and mobile TV devices yet to be designed.

Details are still sketchy, but an industry demo of Android using HD content could be on tap sometime in late August by MIPS or one of its partners, according to several tech Web sites (which means it also could make an appearance at next month's IBC in Amsterdam).