Golf Channel Drives Audio With SSL

The Golf Channel is installing a new Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast Console to handle its complex audio needs. The C100 handles both analog and digital audio from multiple sources, while providing rich automation features to streamline the production process.

"When we looked for a console to replace our current analogue board, we really liked this new offering from Solid State Logic that we saw at NAB, the C100," said Andy Murphy, VP of Network Operations for Orlando, Fla.-based channel. "The re-design of our production control room is complete and now it is time to focus on upgrading our audio facilities. The C100 will give us the power to convert our analog sources to digital within the board, thereby greatly reducing the need for ancillary equipment. We love the flexibility, options and functionality that the C100 offers. We're looking forward to it being fully installed and on line."

The C100, and its sibling, the C200, are the new thoroughbred digital consoles produced by SSL to address the critical on-air needs of the broadcast industry. The C100 is a small-footprint assignable console for on-air studio applications, such as news and sports, and live-to-tape talk and game shows, where fast and efficient handling of sources and destinations are crucial.

At the heart of a C100 system is the Centuri core, designed for live use with robust hardware construction and fault-tolerant design. Processing is dedicated to every channel, there's no need to assign resources at the start of a show setup.

"The inherent design functionality of the C100 makes it the console of choice for The Golf Channel," Murphy said. "The maximizing of console power in a compact space, while retaining the intuitive logic of one-knob-one function control operation in a console with multiple layers is truly remarkable."