Front Porch Digital resolves content management challenges for Shaw Media

One of Canada's largest media companies, Shaw Media, is implementing a Front Porch Digital DIVArchive v6.3 content storage management system at its Bloor Street playout center in Toronto. Upon deployment at Bloor Street, Front Porch Digital will be the exclusive provider for Shaw Media's Canadian broadcast playout facilities.

The Front Porch Digital solution replaces a Masstech Systems solution. In addition, Shaw Media currently relies on DIVArchive in combination with DIVAnet, Front Porch Digital's multisite content replication tool, for business continuance and disaster recovery at its Calgary and Toronto Barber Greene facilities. The implementation in the Bloor Street playout center also supports more networking opportunities as well as consistent, simplified staff training and engineering support.

As an integrated approach to storing and managing Shaw Media's digital video content, DIVArchive is vital to the Bloor Street broadcast operation. DIVArchive is an easily scalable centralized repository for all of the company's digital media assets, regardless of format, size or type. In addition, it affords direct, proven interfaces into broadcast devices, MAM solutions and broadcast control systems. By supporting the addition of incremental features and offering effective, limitless scalability in both bandwidth and storage, DIVArchive meets Shaw Media's current and future needs.

Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive is a combined hardware/software system that enables interoperability among digital media storage devices, video servers, editing systems and digital workflow applications so media can be effectively preserved, managed and retrieved. At the Bloor Street center, DIVArchive operates under the control of Harris D-series automation to move content between storage tiers and 19 programming channels for playout via Omneon servers. Shaw Media operates one conventional TV network in Canada, Global Television, and 19 Canadian specialty channels, including HGTV, Mystery TV, National Geographic Channel, Showcase, History and TVtropolis.