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First open standards automation at Poland’s TVN

In what it calls the first project to manage commercial television airtime based on open XML standards, MediaGeniX NG is implementing its WHATS'On scheduling system at TVN, Poland's commercial broadcaster.

The installation integrates television programming and commercial planning in Europe. Based on XML, the system is tailored to support integration with third-party airtime sales solutions

The new system optimizes commercial airtime based on internal or external rules, regulations and strategies dictated by changing viewing figures or on specific requirements from other departments. They can insert extra commercial airtime and have the security of knowing that everybody is informed and that the changes comply with all the rules and regulations.

The WHATS'On system acts as an information backbone, that allows employees to access, follow up and change all information relevant to their job. The real-time multiuser environment is designed for a more efficient workflow, allowing employees to act based on the most up-to-date information coming from multiple sources.

Visit MediageniX for more WHATS'On information.

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