FCC urged to implement protections for DTV interference

The NAB and MSTV have urged the FCC to implement adequate protections before any TV band device is allowed to operate in the TV spectrum.

In reply comments to the FCC’s OET Measurement Report on DTV receiver interference rejection capabilities, the broadcast trade groups ask that the commission prohibit TV band devices from operating on a co- or adjacent channel; establish proper D/U ratios (desired wave/undesired interference wave); and prohibit all personal/portable devices from operating within the spectrum.

“Without these protections, television viewers will experience harmful interference, which will severely and unacceptably disrupt DTV services,” the groups contend.

The broadcast groups said the Device Coalition of electronics manufacturers has failed to present any research to counter the studies submitted by MSTV and NAB claiming that interference will occur.

“The stakes in this proceeding are particularly high because the country is undergoing an expensive and important transition to DTV technology. It is integral that the commission protect the billions of dollars invested in this transition,” the broadcasters told the FCC.