FCC Revises Rules For Unlicensed Devices

The FCC updated regulations for unlicensed devices in Parts 2, 15 and 18. Of particular interest to broadcasters, the FCC declined to exempt from certification equipment used in bands above 490 kHz out of concern for interference to the maritime distress band and the AM broadcast band. The FCC also declined to make changes to emission limits above 2 GHz. Some commenters in the proceeding wanted Part 15 emission limits above 2 GHz increased. Sirus Satellite Radio, however, wanted the current limits decreased in the satellite digital audio radio service band. XM Radio wanted different limits for devices operating exclusively in vehicles and those operating in other environments. Intersil and Motorola opposed these limits.

Of interest to amateur radio operators, the FCC set emission limits in the band from 13.110 MHz to 14.010 MHz. The top of the band is the lower portion of the 20-meter amateur band.

For details on the comments, FCC decisions and the modified rules, refer to the Second Report and Order and Memorandum Opinion and Order in the matter of Review of Part 15 and other Parts of the Commission's Rules, Amendment of Parts 2 and 15 of the Commission's Rules to Deregulate the Equipment Authorization Requirements for Digital Devices and M/A-COM Private Radio Systems, Inc. Petition for Declaratory Ruling.