FCC Releases Tentative DTV Channel Designations Results

The FCC has released the results of the final round of DTV channel elections. Twenty stations received tentative DTV channel designations (TCDs), including one made on behalf of a licensee that did not file. Several stations still do not have a TCD, including WABC-TV in New York; WEDH-TV in Hartford, Conn.; KTFK-TV in Stockton, Calif. and KVIE in Sacramento, Calif. The FCC said these would be resolved in a subsequent proceeding.

The FCC reduced the ERP of five TCD licensees to a level that met the 0.1 percent interference standard. Most of these involved high-band VHF channels, with power levels reduced to as little at 2.5 kW (WSWP-TV in Grandview, W.Va.). The Public Notice (DA 06-1675) states the ERP for WNYI in Ithaca, N.Y. was reduced to only 15 W on Channel 20. I hope this is a typo, although WNYI's Channel 52 analog operations are currently licensed at 26 kW ERP.

The public notice contains a table listing all 20 TCDs as well as additional information on how it selected the TCDs.