FCC establishes new processing guidelines for station applications

The new FCC Report and Order regarding media ownership rules includes guidelines for new and pending broadcast applications for the assignment or transfer of control of TV and radio authorization. Specifically, the guidelines apply to new applications, pending applications and pending petitions and objections. They are:

  • New Applications:A freeze on the filing of all radio and TV transfer of control and assignment applications that require Form 314 or 315. These forms will be revised to reflect the rules adopted in the Order. Once the new forms are available, parties may file new applications if they can show they comply with the new rules or of they can show that a waiver is warranted. Short Form 316 may be used at anytime.
  • Pending Applications:Those with pending long-form assignment or transfer of control applications may amend their applications by submitting new multiple ownership showings that comply with the Order or by submitting a request for a waiver of the rules.
  • Pending Petitions and Objections:Pending petitions and informal objections submitted to the commission solely on the grounds of competition pursuant to the interim policy will be dismissed. Those submitted prior to the date of the Order that raise issues unrelated to competition will be addressed when the petition or objection is acted upon.

For more information please visit www.fcc.gov.

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