FCC Compliance Guide Addresses BAS Frequency Use by DoD

The FCC recently issued a concise guide outlining the impact of its decision to allow Department of Defense (DoD) uplinks to operate in the 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary service spectrum, which is used primarily for transmitting news from electronic newsgathering vehicles. The 2 GHz BAS band is also available for fixed links.

The Small Entity Compliance Guide -- Allocation of Frequency Band 2025-2110 MHz for Co-Equal, Co-Primary Federal DOD Earth Stations states, "In the existing BAS/CARS/LTTS band, stations should be aware that each DOD TT&C earth station must, prior to authorization, successfully coordinate with all BAS/CARS/LTTS stations that may be affected by its operation, engaging local frequency coordinators where available."

The guide, issued last week, says that DoD earth stations must demonstrate protection to both fixed point-to-point facilities and fixed receive-only antennas used in conjunction with mobile TV pick-up ENG operations.

The guide contains additional information for prospective new BAS, CARS and LTTS stations as well as links to other FCC documents related to the operation of DoD uplinks in the 2 GHz BAS band.