FCC Boosts CDBS Features; Electronic STA Filings Now Possible

If you file broadcast applications, search for information on TV stations or download the spreadsheets with information from the FCC's TV Engineering database, you are familiar with the FCC Media Bureau's Consolidated Database System (CDBS). Last week the FCC announced it had added new features to CDBS, including a new CDBS Web page and expanded user assistance. Some of the features improve security and FCC registration number (FRN) management.

A significant improvement is the new ability to submit "informal filings" using CDBS. Engineering and legal information for special temporary authority (STA) requests can now be submitted using CDBS. This should make it easier for the FCC to include the engineering data from the STA request and grants in the TV engineering database, as the information will not have to be copied from a paper letter or form to the database. Other informal filings that can be submitted through CDBS include Change of Address; Consummation Notice; and Silent Notification.

In the past, when changes were made to the CDBS database structure, the information was posted in the FTP directory with the database files. People who use software to download and process these database files should appreciate that the Media Bureau will now announce changes to the CDBS structure using the Consumer Information Registry (CIR) notification system developed by the FCC's Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau. The Media Bureau plans to give two weeks notice, using CIR, before implementing changes. To enable notification through CIR, log into CIR and check "Consolidated Database System" as an interest. You can find the CIR at www.fcc.gov/cgb.

For additional information on the CDBS changes, see Media Bureau Announces New Features in CDBS.