Facebook Climbs to Third in Online Video Viewing

RESTON, VA.: Facebook became the third highest source of online video traffic in July, according to figures released by ComScore today. A total of 178 million U.S. Web surfers watched more than 5.2 billion video sessions last month. Of those, 46.6 million of them watched 166.2 million sessions on social-networking site Facebook.

Google’s video sites, including YouTube, were once again No. 1 with 143.2 million folks watching video 1.9 billion times. Yahoo! was next with 55.1 million folks teeing up 238.3 million video sessions. After Faceboo, Microsoft sites had 45.6 million people queue up 219.1 million sessions. VEVO, Fox Interactive, Turner Networks, VIacom, Disney and Hulu rounded out the top 10.

All told, each of the 178 million users watched an average of 14.7 hours of video online during July. Users spent an average of 4.7 hours watching video on Google sites in July. Hulu followed by 2.6 hours. Average duration of viewed content was 4.8 minutes.

Hulu also had the most ad impressions--not surprising since it’s an ad-supported platform for NBC, Fox and Disney. Hulu ruled with 783 million impressions reaching nearly 28 percent of the U.S. population. Tremor Media Video Media Network was next with 451.9 million reaching 8 percent. BrightRoll was next with 248.3 million impressions reaching 6 percent.

Microsoft, Google, Crosspoint Media, SpotXchange Video Ad Network, CBS Interactive, BBE and Viacom rounded out the top 10 sites for ad impressions. Total U.S. Internet ad impressions for July was more than 3.6 billion. The average viewing time for an ad impression was 24 seconds.
-- Deborah D. McAdams