Envisioneering Group report endorses MPH

A report from broadcast industry analyst and technology consulting firm Envisioneering Group endorses the MPH in-band mobile digital television system as the most viable portable DTV solution.

Following an analysis of the mobile DTV market and the MPH system, the Envisioneering Group concluded the “MPH in-band mobile DTV system seems to provide the best solution to drive portable digital TV to volumes, services and robustness above and beyond consumers' existing portable (analog) TV expectations.”

Envisioneering's industry and consumer research showed that “local television broadcaster-delivered Mobile-Services DTV (MSDTV) offers a larger audience base — and consequently larger advertising and services revenues — than the existing, diverse, multi-vendor cellular mobile TV efforts. Further, Envisioneering Delphi group research concludes that MSDTV services are highly complimentary when optimized for mobile cellular subscribers' expectations.”

The report identifies three key areas of strength for MPH:

  • single antenna reception robustness;
  • versatile bandwidth and data economy, enabling single and multichannel delivery; and
  • Compatible integration and migration into existing ATSC DTV broadcast infrastructures.

To read the report, visit: www.consumerdtv.com.