DTV Station Status per FCC CDBS - Sept. 12, 2003

LICENSED (LIC): 425 (+20)
CP Modification (CP MOD)334 (-7)
STA (All variations)832 (+14)
STA (Modifications) 53 (-0-)
APPLICATIONS (minus rulemaking) 219 (-6)

Rulemaking - Digital channel changes
GRANTS124 (+2)

(Change from Aug. 29, 2003 listing)

Note: The total will be greater than the number of DTV stations as some stations have both licenses, construction permits and applications on file. Subtracting the STA Modification number from the number in STA (All variations) will give a more accurate indication of the number of DTV stations operating under STA.

A spreadsheet showing all current DTV entries in the FCC CDBS TV engineering database files dated August 29, 2003 is available from The entire TV engineering database extracted from the CDBS is available from a link on my Web site at