Digital lifestyles present challenges, opportunities to broadcasters

Broadcasters confronted with the digital transition have focused on the changeover from analog to digital in the areas like production and transmission, but there’s so much more to delivering the goods that will let viewers fulfill the promise of the digital lifestyle.

Fortunately, IBC will offer the Digital Lifestyle conference track to examine the impact of this new age of digital service and how it touches production, funding and some unexpected broadcast requirements.

On the morning of Sept. 11, six papers will be presented to address a broad swath of digital topics, including:

  • The All-Digital Home, Peter Marshall, Digital TV Group, U.K;
  • "Buy a PVR, Get One Free:” Serving trick modes to conventional STBs, Kevin Murray, NDS, UK;
  • The Potential of Visual Navigation, Lucy Hooberman, BBC Creative Research and Development, U.K.;
  • Advanced TV Navigation System with Easy Program Selection Method, Masao Fujiwara, NHK Engineering Services, Japan;
  • TV - Anytime Phase 1: A decisive milestone in open standardization for personal video recorders, Jean-Pierre Evain, European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland;
  • Share-It! A Rights-managed network of peer-to-peer set-top-boxes - System architecture, James Walker, NDS, U.K.
  • A seventh paper, by Ji Hoon Choi, ETRI, Korea entitled: “Optimizing Buffer model for Synchronized Non-streaming data service on ATSC A/90,” will be published but not presented.

On Sept. 12, the Digital Lifestyle conference resumes with several sessions. “Convergent Platforms” will address the complementary nature of converging computer and television technology and new services like video on demand that enhance the digital lifestyles. The “Distributing Media In The Home” session will examine what’s necessary for a home network robust enough to distribute different video signals to different rooms in the home.

“Content Management and User Navigation” will examine how viewers access information stored at home and available remotely. The importance of metadata, standards and how it will be transferred and searched will be discussed. The “It's TV, But Not As We Knew It: Business, Production and Legal Issues Raised By Digital Lifestyles” will look at media copying and distribution in a digital environment.

“The Impact of Digital Lifestyles on the Media” keynote address will be delivered by Ashley Highfield of the BBC.

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