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Democratic convention signals ‘new reality’ in RF usage for broadcasters

The Democratic National Convention wrapped Aug. 28 at INVESCO Field with an acceptance speech by the party’s chosen presidential candidate, Sen. Barak Obama, after a three-day prelude at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

An estimated 15,000 journalists, many of them TV reporters and their production crews, blanketed the two venues to provide viewers with coverage of the convention before moving on to St. Paul for the Republican National Convention.

Behind the scenes keeping all the wireless camera crews, wireless mics, IFBs, walkie-talkies and every other RF component from interfering with each other was Louis Libin, chairman of the Political Conventions Communications Committee and president of Broad-Comm in Woodmere, NY.

Sound Off caught up with Libin just after he touched down at the airport in St. Paul to prepare for the event. This week’s Sound Off is presented as an audio podcast.

To listen to the podcast now, click here, or check out our podcast archive here.