CTA: Live TV, Streaming Frequency Up Nearly 50%

(Image credit: Getty Images)

ARLINGTON, Va.—People are watching live TV and streaming content more frequently in the new coronavirus reality, according to reports from the Consumer Technology Association.

CTA has conducted a couple of surveys with consumers in regards to how they are utilizing technology as they adjust to social distancing and self-quarantining. 

In its “COVID-19 Impact Study: Use of Technology at Home,” CTA found that almost half of consumers are watching live TV (49%) and streaming video (48%) more frequently than they did prior to the pandemic. Some are utilizing streaming services for the first time (26%). In addition, to help with the new demands, CTA found that 11% of consumers had bought a new TV in the week prior to the survey (the survey was conducted between March 20-22).

Following that initial survey, CTA launched a “Weekly CTA Tech Use and Purchase Tracker: COVID-19 Impact.” The first week (conducted between March 27-29) showed that 66% of households used some kind of streaming/download service, with streaming video services leading the way at 55% of all consumers. The streaming of live TV service came in at 25%. In addition, the new survey found that more people are buying new TVs, as the number of purchasers increased to 14%.

“As people are social distancing and staying home, technology is providing comfort, entertainment, options for food delivery and outlets for social interaction to help people adjust to this new reality,” said Steve Koenig, vice president, research, for CTA. “The health crisis has accelerated adoption across these platforms and services, and many of these behaviors may stick once the pandemic is contained.”

CTA will updates its weekly tracker every Wednesday.