Crown International implements rigorous quality control testing procedures

Crown International established a strategic quality team earlier this year and upgraded its factory to include a reliability test lab. While Crown has operated its own testing equipment for some time, the manufacturer's testing criteria have become more stringent in recent years, often resulting in the need to send items to an outside laboratory for evaluation. Having its own comprehensive lab in-house not only accelerates testing during the early phases of product development, but now also allows the company to conduct quality audits on lines already in production.

The test lab rakes units through extreme conditions including:

  • A thermal/humidity chamber that allows for accelerated life testing in environments ranging from -95 to +355 degrees Fahrenheit at up to 95 percent humidity.
  • A new, highly automated shaker table that can generate 100g of acceleration and report test results in real-time across the network.
  • A twice-executed, high-impact drop of units without packaging.

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