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CPB to Fund Mobile DTV

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) will provide $2 million in funds to enable public broadcasters in 20 markets to begin Mobile DTV transmissions by the end of 2011.

“Mobile devices are rapidly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, and consumers expect access to the same content that they get from their television, radio or computer, even when they’re on the go,” said Mark Erstling, senior vice president of system development and media strategy at CPB. “Through the use of new innovations, such as Mobile DTV, people can now access the unique programming they’ve come to expect from public television--from award-winning educational shows and in-depth investigative news to emergency alerts--no matter where they are.”

The CPB plans to make available more than $2 million available in the form of grants to allow stations to purchase and install a Mobile DTV infrastructure. A second round of funding for additional stations is planned next year.