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Comcast to increase Internet connections, yet maintains download cap

Comcast will begin introducing faster Internet speeds — up to 50Mb/s — in selected markets to homes and businesses. Most affected customers will double their speeds for free.

The service will be available in parts of New England, including the Boston area and southern New Hampshire, as well as in portions of Philadelphia, New Jersey and the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Over the next few months, Comcast expects to launch in more than 10 major markets.

Comcast’s new “Extreme 50” tier for residential users includes up to 10Mb/s upstream service. The “Ultra” plan for individuals will offer speeds up to 22Mb/s for downloading. The business “premium” tier will offer the same speeds.

Comcast, however, has kept its 250GB monthly download cap for residential customers in place — so customers could potentially hit their limit much sooner

Those choosing the “Extreme 50” plan can enjoy unheard-of speeds until they hit 250GB; after that, they run the risk of having their account shut down for a calendar year.