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Broadcasters to earn significant revenue from Internet addressable ads

Television networks and local broadcasters are increasing their use of addressable advertising and are also expanding their plans for addressable advertising on their Internet portals, according to a new report from research firm In-Stat.

Addressable advertising refers to any form of advertising that is placed under the control of the advertiser.

With broadcast TV programming flooding onto the Internet, networks and local broadcasters have an opportunity to become key distributors of addressable advertising that extends beyond traditional TV screens, according to In-Stat.

The report, "Addressable Advertising: Broadcast TV Moves onto the Internet," finds:

  1. The worldwide market value of addressable advertising will exceed $680 million during 2011.
  2. When a viewer is watching a TV program on the Internet, the playout system can automatically insert five or eight second addressable ads.
  3. Competition from cable TV, telco TV and Internet TV is heating up, but broadcasters can still hold onto their lead in advertising.

For more information, visit: and read "Addressable Internet advertising to drive revenue growth for broadcasters."