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Broadcasters can profit from DTV in 50 ways, says Kagan Research

A new report from Kagan Research forecasts significant growth in DTV reception over the next few years which will present broadcasters with a way to monetize their multi-billion dollar DTV buildout.

The report, “HDTV Spectrum Monetization 2005: The Economics of Datacasting and Multicasting” forecasts:

  • At least 20.4 percent of TV households will be digital by the end of the year.
  • At least 34.7 percent will digital in 2006.
  • At least 51.5 percent will be digital by 2007.

The report provides an in-depth study presenting TV station owners with 50 economic models for monetizing their digital spectrum. The report lays out 30 datacasting, 10 multicasting and 10 multichannel scenarios.

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