Blu-ray Titles Revenue Burst retreats to 15 Percent

After swelling to more than 20 percent of the video-disc revenue pie a week earlier when "Avatar" was first released on disc, Blu-ray titles' share slid to a more typical 15 percent a week later.

In its latest tally, Blu-ray took 15 percent of video-disc revenue as both Blu-ray and standard DVD disc sales recorded higher than normal volumes — thanks to the James Cameron sci-fi juggernaut and a couple of other newly released titles.

For the week ending May 2, Blu-ray's piece of the pie accounted for nearly $32.5 million in sales, which was up more than 115 percent over the same week a year ago. Standard DVD's take of more than $178 million was up 15.4 percent over a year ago (going against the trend of DVD sales steadily moving downward).

Overall, Blu-ray and DVD sales for the same period totaled $210.7 million — up more than 24 percent over early May 2009 — according to Home Media Research.