Bend Oregon Tower Debate Focuses on Health has an update on the tower dispute that prompted last week's tower noise discussion. In Friday's article Towering fear: Health claims spook critics at packed Awbrey hearing, said the anti-towers group Save Our Skyline hired Cindy Sage of Sage EMF Design to look at RF radiation at the site. She retained broadcast consultant Gerald Moore to computer model the RF fields at the site under existing and proposed conditions. The article quoted Cindy Sage saying, "By our calculations, you have exceedences of the (Federal Communications Commissions) uncontrolled public limit now on many places atop Awbrey Butte. There are many areas that exceed the standard for uncontrolled public access. It was alarming to us to find the existing conditions ... they are out of compliance." However, it also said she acknowledged that readings taken at 13 sites in the area showed RF fields were within FCC limits.

Refer to the article for Sage's comments on why the computer model showed problems with exposure but measurements didn't. The article also includes neighbors' comments about the towers and their impact on their homes and an update on the interference concerns. Not all the comments were negative. The Save Our Skyline Web site is also worth reading to better understand neighbors' concerns about broadcast towers.